Friday, 15 February 2013

Have You Used Trigger Street Labs?

I had a quick butchers' at Trigger Street Labs, an online screenwriting resource. The site offers an opportunity to upload your screenplay to be read and critiqued by other site members. It also allows filmmakers to upload finished short films by embedding their Youtube videos onto the site. There was a third subheading on the opening page for short stories.

It sounded like just the webpage I was looking for, but alas- each uploaded screenplay must be no less than 90 pages. At roughly 45, mine is way too short. Also, uploaded scripts must be converted to .pdf. Admittedly, I've no idea how to do that.

Regardless, I was looking for feedback on the structure, the synopsis, so I could redraft that stage. I wanted to tighten the plot before hammering into another draft of the script. But Trigger Street Labs doesn't seem to offer feedback for that stage. It's a very strange site- the page is designed with large symbols for each section of the site, but these symbols don't represent links to other pages. 

To the site's credit, the scripts and ideas portrayed in them look good. There are a few original ideas knocking about here. I'd need more time to sit and read the full scripts though- giving screenwriting feedback takes more dedication than reviewing a short story or poem does. I've received feedback on my synopsis elsewhere, so after I've rewritten that stage and then rewritten the script itself, I might throw it up on Trigger Street Labs.

Have you dabbled in this site? What were your thoughts?

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