Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I Don't Know Whether You can See This, But...

I have no phone. I woke up Tuesday morning and my mobile had turned into an inoperable brick. The Xperia P- which has 2 months left on its contract- wouldn't make calls, had no stored texts, no contacts, no internet access and every app had stopped working. This is a SERIOUS ballache, for more reasons than I care to go into here. It's where I store a lot of things that I'm likely to forget, so this malfunction is akin to a veritable lobotomy.

I've been into the Three store on Market St- they want me to take it to the St Anne's branch, which shuts at 6, so I'll have to drop in later this week.

The point I'm making is, if you've tried to contact me and checked on here, I'm not ignoring you. Try tweeting me here.

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