Friday, 26 September 2014

Benching 100Kg

Well, I said here I'd smash the 95Kg bench press mark I've been stuck at since June 2013. I thought it'd take 2 months; in a little over 1, I'd managed it.

I had been feeling really weak for the fist few sessions, and I felt exhausted in work. But my manager pointed out that for the sheer amount of time I'm spending exercising I should be eating a LOT more than I was. So I started to pack in the food- the tuna, the beef, the mixed salad- and my energy levels returned. My physique is sharpening up, my strength improved and I've focused in work a little better too.

I also managed to go up one weight in horizontal dumbbell fly, something I'd been stuck on since May 2011. The free weights are very popular, hence the wait.

Finally, the ladies have noticed a bit of a leap in size. In my arms, I mean. Can't complain! I still need to cut out Crazy Caramels, though...

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