Monday, 1 September 2014


I want to show you something. It may mean nothing to you… it may not. I don't know. I don't know anymore.
-Ricky Roma (Al Pacino), Glengarry Glen Ross

GGR is one movie you need to see. Al Pacino. Alec Baldwin. Ed Harris, the director guy from The Truman Show. Kevin Spacey. Jonathan Pryce. Jack Lemmon. Alan Arkin, the psychiatrist from Grosse Point Blank. It's a masterpiece in acting.

Likewise, I have no idea myself whether what I'm about to show you will mean anything, but show you I will.

Here's my Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Continuing the Throwback Thursday online trend, I dug out not a picture but a cutting from a university newspaper that I was featured in 11 years ago. This blind date article appeared in Student Direct, the university newspaper. Check out how she graded me!

Celebrity gossip email Popbitch linked to my blog after years of me sending them tidbits. “Kevin Sinfield Playing Joseph” was intriguing enough to get linked up, raking in over 6400 hits, smashing the whole blog past the 300K page view mark. I'm very happy about this. Whether Sinfield MBE himself is equally pleased by it, no word yet. Strangely, a matter of days after this was published, Sinfield announced his retirement from international Rugby. I deny all accusations.

I also went on a stag do to Newcastle. Full post to follow. Like Roma, I don't know any more.

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