Tuesday, 23 September 2014

New Nightclub Static Launches

New house music club Static opened Saturday 20th Manchester. Headed up by DJs Adam Guy, Nick HusseyJohn Besant and Martyn Russo the club inhabits 18-22 Lloyd St, around the side of the Town Hall, the unit formerly home to Boutique. It's a small but smart venue with a strict door policy, but those who make it in will be treated to fantastic house music, good DJs, beautiful podium dancers and regal décor.

The launch night, fronted by house music brand Hed Kandi, saw a fair crowd attend. not rammed, but comfortably busy, populated by mostly good-looking people with good attitudes. It also saw a dance-off between myself and another guy who- predictably- I schooled.

The only criticisms I had were that the drinks were dear, even compared to other house music clubs, and that paying for them was hard due to long queues and apparent reception problems with chip and pin machines.

At the moment it looks like it only opens Saturdays, but it wouldn't surprise me if they started a Friday event soon. Stay up to date with their Facebook page.

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