Monday, 16 October 2017

Three Parties for You This Week

I'm not sure how quickly some of you can drop everything and go out on a Tuesday night, but if you can, you should.

After Taboo moved from Tiger Tiger to History, new party night Playground has stepped in. It looks great, like student nights in Tiger always have been. Hence, Manchester Cool Bars are going to check it out. £2.50 doubles and £1 shots and a huge venue with numerous rooms. I can't tell you much more as it'll be my first trip to Playground.

There's 6 of us so far in the meetup. Make it 7!

Thursday night Cool Bars is out again, this time to Socialite, Club LIV's Thursday night party. £4 tickets, £2 shots in a venue built to house celebrity parties. And there'll probably be one.

If you fancy saving yourself, though, the Saturday night meetup will round your weekend off with a bang: Cool Bars are headed to Bijou.

I'm not going to pretend I'm familiar with the names in this poster, but it's a stunning venue. The group has been here once before, and I felt it was worth going back, especially during term time. The best-looking crowd in town. Their back bar has some gems on it too, if you like your spirits.

More than a handful of events to get involved with- don't say I didn't invite you!

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