Saturday, 14 October 2017

Andy's Man Club STORM the Action Oldham Charity Wars Quiz

Andy's Man Club Oldham banded together for a slightly slightly different cause than usual- Thursday night saw the annual Charity Wars, where local charities go head to head in a trivia quiz.

The movie quiz was held at (and sponsored by) Clough Manor in Saddleworth, and ran by Action Oldham, a 'charitable fund that supports good causes across borough with grants, so they can make a real difference to local lives.'

Having spent most of my teenage days in a darkened bedroom watching hundreds of movies and reading Total Film and Empire back issues, I was pretty well-versed. We came first place. The prize: a pair of tickets to enter the Milltown Races, a trophy and £75 in cash (which will go towards promoting Andy's Man Club).

My team mates compared me to Rain Man, from the film that, typically, I haven't seen.

A good opportunity for Andy's Man Club to gain exposure, and to encourage men to talk, leading- hopefully- to a reduction in suicide, which is the biggest killer of men under 50.

The White Hart is a lovely country pub out in the hills of leafy Lydgate. Great pork sandwiches too.

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