Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Reading and Robb

I've blogged a few times about attempting the splits whilst reading books. As you do. It was a series of attempts to increase flexibility and focus on what I genuinely enjoy- reading, which in turn would minimise time spent on social media and help get through a huge backlog of unread books.

I'd do this by sitting with my legs apart in front of me, wearing socks, with my heels against the skirting board. Where my torso is, I'd sit directly under the doorway of my kitchen and use the door frame to grip and pull myself closer in.

The last time I attempted it- July '16- I got to 1 metre 65.

I'm going to attempt this again. I'll do this for another month, but this time I'll be using Robb, an ointment for 'relief from pain.' It smells like Thai tiger balm, if you're familiar. I'll apply it to the legs, particularly the insides, and see if I can beat the PB. In a month, I'll blog to report on how well it worked. I'll also review the books that I read in the month.

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