Saturday, 13 January 2018

Andy's Man Club take over the Halifax Parkrun

Credit: Nigel Taylor

Andy's Man Club, men's support group offering a safe place to discuss mental health issues, is going from strength to strength. To raise awareness of the group, which in turn will hopefully lead to more support for those who are struggling, AMC decided to volunteer at a local Parkrun, an international event and a 5km dash though a public park happening across the world.

Last Saturday AMC members from a few different groups met at Shroggs Park in Halifax at 8:30am for their Parkrun. Yes, I got up earlier on a Saturday than I would to go to work. It was all good though, and we cracked on with setting up the course by dropping cones and putting up a gazebo at the start / finish line. (We all soon huddled under this as, shock, it started raining in Yorkshire.)

Some of us ran in AMC t-shirts, some of us- including me- marshalled in branded gear, cheering on the runners and waving them in the right direction around the course.

A great event that was well-received and well-attended. If AMC takes over another Parkrun I'll probably run in it, again branded up. Check out Andy Steer's great Facebook album covering the event. Also see Nigel Taylor's great shots.

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