Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Back to Clean Eating

I keep bouncing between excesses of junk food- mountains of Galaxy chocolate, Chinese takeaways and a few flapjacks thrown in for good measure- and healthy-only food- sweet potatoes, chicken stir fry, Spanish omelette. Really, a healthy balanced diet should include a few sweet treats every now and then, but mostly a consistent veg-and-meat approach.

I'm not doing that, though: I'm being regimented until I can achieve certain targets at the gym, then falling off the wagon as a reward. But at least I'm aware of this flaw. It's time to get back to clean eating. This time it will be for a long time, I expect, as the three movements I'm planning to beat have been sat unchanged for many years.

10-minute cross train (last beaten in March '14)
10-minute run (last beaten in May '13, my oldest PB)
Chest press (last beaten circa September '14)
Horizontal dumbbell fly (last beaten in August '15)

I was 83.6kg yesterday. Way too high. 73 would probably be a healthy weight. I'll aim for this while focussing on these four movements. I'm out of chocolate now, so I won't be buying any more until after one of these is destroyed. Also, I'm clean shaven right now. I refuse to have a shave until one of these is beaten.

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