Sunday, 27 May 2018

Predator: Big Game; Big Win via Twitter

A sleepy Army outpost in New Mexico is disrupted with the arrival of an intergalactic trophy hunter, slaughtering men and pigs one and the same. It's disrupted itself when Navajo- American Corporal Nakai finds himself in the creature's target-beams, and it's eerily similar to something in the tales his native grandfather told him of- 'nothing more than a shimmer in the air.'

A fast-paced, interesting story with a few twists and new developments in the Predator franchise.

Why the hell they can't make Predator movies as good as the graphic novels I don't know. The latest cinematic instalment looks characteristically weak.

Oh and also... I won a voucher for Turtle Bay thanks to this tweet. The restaurant was asking us for our best music / food combinations. I was picked out for this questionable  pun.

Awesome! Love the Caribbean food and cocktails in Turtle. And in case you don't get it...

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