Sunday, 6 May 2018

Who's Driving Wayne Rooney's Car While He's Banned?

Thursday daytime- got my dates wrong and went to a meeting that wasn't scheduled for another month, so had a quick scout around. Found Wayne Rooney's car at the end of Deansgate, sporting a disability blue badge.

I'm assuming he wasn't driving, considering he isn't disabled, particularly not physically as would be required for a blue badge, but also considering he's banned until September 2019.

Friday night- dropped into 20 Stories in Spinningfields, the rooftop terrace bar on the ever-developing Hardman Square.

Incredible views but horrendous waiting times. We got there at 9 and the queue went from a small handful to a giant line. Once in the building and out of the elevator, you're then led into the opulent bar area. Nicely designed, with quiet house music passing the time, but 50 minutes to get served on a Friday night is absurd. I dread to think what a Saturday is like. As part of the bar is open to the sky, the queue would have been larger than normal as everybody wanted to enjoy the fresh air.

It's well worth a visit, but I'd recommend going before sunset and at a time when the queue isn't so large.

Finally finished reading The Private Eye Annual 2017, which I got for Christmas and have been reading since then. I've not really applied myself to reading recently- I've had a lot of other concerns like money and the current government. I've said enough about them. So I found the political satire occasionally funny but frequently annoying, as there's no laughing matter about seeing your income plummet and being hounded for 3 figures at the same time. Thanks, Tories.

Tonight: Carnival of Fools, circus act extraordinaire, in Impossible with Manchester Cool Bars. Last call to get involved!

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