Wednesday, 15 July 2015

No More Chocolate...

Mayans liked their hot chocolate. (wiki)

Well, now that I've successfully cut myself off from fast food and I'm free from those cravings, it's time I faced a bigger nemesis: chocolate. I developed sugar cravings a decade ago at uni, and I quickly found myself binging on 400g bars of Galaxy and Dairy Milk in order to stay awake.

13-or-so years later, I'm still tempted to go for the Crazy Caramels, the peanut butter chocolate or the orange chocolate bars when I whip around Tesco (I'm too tight to buy anything other than own-brand). It's due to this that I don't currently have visible abdominal muscles. This must change.

So. To quell the urge for chocolate, I must replace glucose (sugar from chocolate etc) to fructose (sugar from fruit). If you're going to pump your body full of sugar, you might as well get a good wad of vitamin C with it. Besides, bananas help fight insomnia, yeah? (There's another affliction made worse by choco-binging.) But even fruit can put weight onto you, so it's important that I stuff a few more vegetables in there as well, and for snacks I'll eat more nuts and dried fruit. It's going to be expensive not being hungry.

I'll measure my success by the records I break in the gym, and generally how I feel in a month's time.

The only chocolate products I'll consume are drinking chocolate, required for combating insomnia- an affliction that a reduction in sugar might also quell. A couple of teaspoons a night are hardly going to turn me into Chris Farley.

I'm currently making steady progress on a planking project. I'm hoping that less sugar will aid my concentration, not just my strength and endurance, while I'm working on this.

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