Sunday, 26 July 2015

Phone is still shot. Recommendations?

Need a good phone for blogging. Going into a store to speak to my mate who I'm sure will get me a good deal and get me out of this horrendous contract I'm in. Three allowed me to extend my contract to a further 12 months on the same handset, which was dirty of them as they knew damned well the phone wouldn't hold up that long. A local shop tells me that even thought he battery life is quick to fade, it's the motherboard that's taken a beating so external batteries won't help. Even as I charge it, the battery level is going fucking down.

I'm going into Bury tomorrow to get this new deal: If you have any advice on phones for blogging at £27 a month or under, tweet me ASAP!

I'm avoiding any social engagements until this shit is sorted out. Can't cope!

Moving on: I've found a brilliant blog about how the mind works. It features cutting edge news on the latest psychological findings from the top labs and universities in the world. Check out Psypost. I'm keen to check out any new developments as I'm always looking for ways of working with memory difficulties, something I've had my whole life. The scans I uploaded have once again been reviewed and labelled “normal”. There is more work to do regarding this, especially seeing as people at the VA Boston Healthcare System have proven that we can now examine the patterns of brain connections. This may also explain my shaky-at-best experiences with women and my very negative memories of dealing with girls growing up.

Well, let's not be negative. New things on the horizon. Good things. Stay tuned.

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