Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Prospective Tuesdays

What's happening? Well, if you're the sleep-when-you're-dead type, like I pretend to be, you might want to go for some After Work Drinks on Thursday night. It's out at the Dockyard pub in Mediacity, Salford. Although it's a weeknight, the early-doors meetup already has 70+ people on the attendee list. I might go.

If you're into rock tribute bands, Festwich- a festival in Prestwich- might be your thing. If you've no-one to go with, Manchester Social Scene will help you out. 

Manchester Comic Con drops this Saturday and Sunday!  It's the North-West's prime opportunity to dress up in a ridiculous outfit and buy t-shirts and comics. In attendance: Robert Lwellyn, or Kryten from Red Dwarf. He's the only name I know.

Dance Music event fiesta The Warehouse Project have released their calendar of events.  I MUST see MK eventually: The opening night may be that opportunity. A few choice videos of his:

There are many other big names I'm tempted to go see- it might take a chunk out of my account though but again keep your eye on Manchester Social Group if you want to get involved- I may upload a trip there soon.

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