Wednesday, 9 March 2016

“A Load of Faff”: Beef and Potato Pie

I used the Hairy Dieters Cookbook to make another tasty healthy meal. This one was quite a troublesome recipe to follow particularly relating to memory difficulties.

First, I got all of my timings completely wrong. There's never an indication in this book of how long anything is going to take. Apparently Jamie Oliver's recipe books do. I might switch. And 75g of peas in giant pie is hardly worth putting in at all. Weird measurements. Mum and Dad got here on time- my pie did not.

They helped me polish off the recipe, my mum- the experienced baker- describing it as “a load of faff” and “a weird way of doing things”. There would have been simpler ways of doing it, according to her. I started cooking way before 6, but didn't finish until 7:41. Mum's kneading techniques were invaluable. I'd have given up and not used enough flour without her. These kind of things weren't clear in the recipe.

It was really tasty, though, with the Worcester sauce and pastry bringing huge bursts of flavour.


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