Sunday, 20 March 2016

Model Search in The Oxford Club

Eivissa, a night of RnB and house which started in leafy Cheshire, is now the staple Saturday night in Manchester's The Oxford Club. Last night Nemesis Models were conducting a model search, so I thought I'd throw up a meetup on the Cool Bars page and see who I could entice. It'd mean it would be full of hot women, so why not.

We started in the bar of Pan-Asian restaurant Sakana, which got progressively busier as the night went on. We hung on a while and watched the sax action. It's always been a starting place for meetups in Manchester when going to Oxford Club, The Milton Club, Suede etc, so it was interesting to see how it developed later on. Our meetup group got talking to a group of girls- a Kiwi among others, memory fails me- and some stayed in Sakana with them. The atmos was so good. We also bumped into a few other familiar Meetup faces. I was keen to see what the talent scout party was like, so some came with me to the club.

I had got guest list for the group, but that only secured entry to the club- it was still £15 on entry, more than competitors LIV or Milton club, for example.

Lovely venue inside, although they don't sell pineapple juice... just a point... Also there were one or two difficult people from Oldham of all places. I didn't notice anyone from Nemesis actually approaching anyone, but I guess I wouldn't. Also: how come there are now bookable couches on the dance floor? Doesn't that reduce capacity? I preferred it as a busy dancing space myself.

But yeah, a fair few stunning people- but then, there was in Sakana and they were much nicer. Friends who stayed there say it was busy and “kept filling up with hotties”. I might hang on there some time. You might want to too, so keep your eye on the Cool Bars group.

Pics from Eivissa will be here.

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