Tuesday, 29 March 2016

The 1001st post...

...Is this one.

A few things happen this week- I'm running another Tuesday night to Tiger Tiger for their Taboo night. Good music, mostly student-age people and a few floors to choose from. They claim to have had 1700 people through their doors at the last event. Tonight we're starting in the club at 9 so we don't have to pay an entrance fee. How busy it will be, considering most of the students are at home for Easter, we'll have to see. I know that a lot of locals visit there, so it could still have a crowd.

Here's the event on Manchester Social Group, and here's the same thing on Manchester Cool Bars and Clubs.

Who remembers Alison Limerick's Where Love Lives?

On Friday night she drops into The Milton Club to sing as part of Key 103's 
Anthems Live night. The Meetup with Cool Bars is here; the meetup with Manchester Social Group is here; the Facebook event is here. I've been to a Key 103 event at Milton but I didn't seen anyone sing. When I first got into dance music at about 13, Where Love Lives was one of the regular tracks on what was Kiss 102. Great music.

Sunday 31st: author Irvine Welsh drops into Manchester to discuss his new book The Blade Artist. His latest novel focuses around the psychotic Begbie, seen in trainspotting, Porno and Skagboys. I've met Welsh twice already, and have more than enough books to read. But if you want to meet him and guest-blog for me, I'd be happy to put it up here.

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