Saturday, 26 March 2016

Plush: The Homecoming Reunion

Plush was a house music night held at Ampersand, the unit on Longworth St in Manchester which now houses Suede. The Plush brand has held nights in other places since moving in 2008, in a club that was near the Great Northern (the name escapes me; it's a homeware shop now) and more recently Venus. The Homecoming Reunion took place Thursday 24th, a night of funky house tracks from the Plush era played by two of the DJs who were regulars on the Plush scene a decade ago. Jason Herd and Jon Fitz, known collectively as Herd 'N' Fitz, took to the decks of Suede Thursday night, and were joined by a crowd of (admittedly aging) clubbers and younger, newer house lovers.

I went with a few people that I'd been to Plush with in 2006, and we stumbled across a few more familiar faces once in there. There were more than a few flashbacks! Good vibes all round. I miss Ampersand. In what other club can you see the DJ climb on top of the booth to dance in front of the crowd?!

More pics will be on Suede's Facebook page or on the Plush Facebook page. Or both.

I was driving, so was a bit gutted that the staff took the lid off my bottled water. I have a tendency to dance a LOT when it's house music they're playing, so it's really handy to screw the lid on. They have a minimum spend of £10 if you're using a card, by the way.

There was an added appeal to holding this on the first night of the weekend, just like the Fridays used to be in '06. I've been to other Plush Reunions that were previously held in Venus on Saturdays- holding the night in the unit that was Ampersand is a nostalgic and aesthetic masterstroke. Once in an occasional while, let's do this again.

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