Sunday, 3 July 2016


Well, it's taken 8 years but I've finally hit 1000 followers on Twitter. I picked up more and more as time went on. No idea what's bringing them in now... people must love my #loveisland banter. I've (for some reason) got into watching the ITV2 dating show.

I've been made an organiser on Manchester Social Group. I had some admin privileges earlier, allowing me to suggest meetups, but I can now 'announce' events myself without waiting for the main organiser to do so. Keep your eyes on it for future events like club nights and watching boxing / MMA.

Nightclub Static appears to have shut down... last time I went it was very quiet and the few people there were badly dressed chavs, a world away from how it started out as a smart house music club with a strict door policy.

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