Saturday, 2 July 2016

Doing the Splits with Peter F Hamilton: Result

Back on the 10th May I set myself another reading and exercise challenge, this time to gain more flexibility than I've ever had in my thirties. I've blogged a number of times about combining reading with attempting the splits: this time it was to beat my standing personal best of 1 metre 63 (5'4).

I've done a little here and there- sometimes huge chunks, sometimes little bits frequently- sometimes, admittedly, skipping a few days. I'd find I'd get close- either on the personal best or just below it- then miss a day, then when I'd come back I'd have lost loads of flexibility. The trick is to dedicate yourself.

I've done this as best as I can, and I hit 1 metre 65 (5'5) on 1st July.

I'm currently half way into the book. It's very heavy and technical, and more with a leaning to science like in the Dreaming Void, the first of the trilogy. The second book got a bit-too fantasy-based, and was a hard slog. The story I'm actually finding harder to follow as summer has presented a lot of opportunities for me and I'm not dedicating as much time to it as I used to. I'm still trying, though, to read a little every day. I'll upload a full review when it's finished. Aiming for the first week of September.

Like anything else, keep practising and you'll see progress.

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