Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Redrafting Once Upon a Time in Great Britain

For the last 7 months I've been bringing a screenplay project in to Writers Connect, my writing group. It's called Once Upon a Time in Great Britain, it's a meagre 17,000 words, and it's about a graduate who is recruited into a terror faction in Manchester. I've brought it in one chunk at a time, with each section running at around 1000 words. The group have enjoyed the story although they found numerous areas for improvement. They also found it hard to keep up with the plot, considering there's a minimum of 2 weeks between each meeting.

Now that I've shown them the whole script, the plan is to redraft using the notes I made on the feedback the group gave me. Then I'm going to bring in 6 copies of the new draft to the meeting on the 14th August, where we'll perform a full read-through of the script. Nexus Art Cafe from 1pm.

This is my project for the next 3 weeks. It'll be nice to have a deadline and to have people waiting for the work, and being motivated by someone other than myself. I need people to take parts: if you fancy joining in you'll be assigned a role... and your feedback will be appreciated.

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