Sunday, 17 July 2016

A fast week.

A few things I want to shout about:

I put up a meetup for Messy Mondays at The Oxford Club. It was dead due to the students being at home, and I expect a lot of weeknight nights will be equally dull until late September. Nice club though.

My favourite DJ MK favourited my tweet.

This makes me hella happy. I love his piano riffs.

Meetup group Singles in the City has no organiser and will close without someone stepping up! Do you fancy saving it? It'll cost you about £11 a month, depending on your price plan.

New group Escape the City has opened, offering support for people who are thinking of changing their career. Their monthly meetups sound intriguing.

Also, I got ripped by Adam off Love Island. Or at least, his team while he was on the show.

More to come...

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