Friday, 1 July 2016

I basically missed an entire swimwear competition

Around a year ago I went to The Milton Club to watch a Swimwear competition. Why not.

The Swimsuit USA Manchester competition took place again last night in the same elegant venue, only this time I missed pretty much the whole thing as I felt sure it wouldn't start until later like last time (even when the organiser Verena Twigg had told me it started at 9:30).

Oh well. I managed to see the judges announce their decisions and crown the gorgeous Kendall O'Reilly as the winner. Congratulations Kendall!

The club was jammed with beautiful women, including TV boxing ring girls Gabrielle Taylor and Sara Beverley. Here's me and Sara

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And here's me and winner of the night Kendal.

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I also spotted star of First Dates and Manchester fashionista Jsky, First Dates star Laura Alicia, Ex on the Beach star Jem Lucy, (who turned up in the Daily Mail the next morning) and models Sophie Dalzell and Amanda Harrington.

Great night, or what I caught of it. I went with Manchester Cool Bars after organising the meetup myself. Will get the timings right next time...

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