Tuesday, 6 September 2016

DARETOGROW in September

Last week I went to my second meeting with #DARETOGROW, a focus group held in Manchester's The Living Room. The theme on 1st September's event was “Setting a Compelling Vision for Your Life.”

Coaches Lisa Bean and Alice Allum guided us through a series of written exercises. We looked at why were had chosen to come to the event, what we would do if we had 3 months to live, and what we wanted in the future. We wrote down our goals relating to health, finances, social and work, and why we have these goals. Then we looked at what mistakes people make when setting the goals.

For our own personal plans we wrote what we wanted to do within the next year, the next three years, and the next five years, and out of these, we circled our main goal. We then planned our activities around these goals (my main one being stop wasting time on the internet).

To make headway on these plans we'd need to be systematic. Lisa and Alice emphasised the importance of morning rituals. They advised us to look up the routines of successful people we admired. (I just looked up writer Hunter S Thompson's- I'm not convinced what I've found is genuine as it doesn't describe any actual work being done.)

As a creative interlude, writer Nikki of Becoming Storybook read out her poem, Anthem.

I made more contacts, I received advice on my career and my blog, and generally had a great time- all of this while in fact sipping a Wild Turkey from the bar downstairs. A fantastic evening. Keep your eye on the Meetup group for further events!

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