Sunday, 11 September 2016

Nikki's Storytelling Tent

You might remember I mentioned the #DARETOGROW event at The Living Room recently, where we were treated to a performance from the poet Nikky Norton Shafau from Becoming Storybook. The post is here, but the video is pretty dark. (The Living Room doesn't come out well on camera when you're zoomed in. It has that dark mahogany prohibition era design to it... or it did. It's currently undergoing a refurb.)

Here's a clearer rendition of 'Anthem':

If you want to see more creativity from the local writer / performer Nikki, who claims she wants to “become” a storybook, take a look at her latest venture: Nikki's Storytelling Tent, a series of weekly storytelling adventures held in a number of venues in Manchester. Check out the calendar for her latest locations, and look for clues of these in advance on her social media...

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