Monday, 12 September 2016

This week's antics

As Noodles says in Once Upon a Time in America: “Yeah, I got a good tip for ya.” I have more than one, in fact, and unlike Robert DeNiro's character, I'm not ratting out my lifelong friends: I'm trying to get you to come and get pissed with me.

Cocktails in the City has opened this week! I suspect it has replaced other groups that may have closed down. Not sure. But expect smart bars and alcohol. Similarly, Manchester City Singles replaces something like 'Singles in the City.' As one door closes... etc. etc.

Now. This is an extreme long shot, but can you go out this Wednesday? If so, join me and Manchester Cool Bars to Hot Mess, the midweek night in Revolution Deansgate Locks. It's likely to be a little quiet as the students are still trickling back into Manchester, but life is short. We're starting in Baa Bar next door. Get involved!

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