Monday, 19 September 2016

Freshers Week; Facebook Trick

It's upon us again: the students are returning to Manchester and the midweek nightlife scene has rejuvenated. Also, it's that one week where working folk like myself (and probably you) can get into these nights without an NUS card.

Unfortunately tonight would be the only night I'd be able to do anything due to work, and I (typically) haven't planned anything. There are a few nights listed on Skiddle, mostly in places I've not even heard of (Where is Antwerp Mansion?!) but the weekend is the only time I'm free.

In fact, other than tonight Friday is the only proper night out I can have as Sunday Afternoon is Writers Connect, and I'll be there to do the warm-up exercise and give feedback. I don't have anything to read out. (Also, I need to give Oz her bowl back from a recent barbecue.)

I have loads of night out ideas, though, so if you fancy coming to a few smart places over the next few weeks keep your eye on Manchester Cool Bars.

When you're planning a night out, do you put it out to people on Facebook through a status to see who responds? If you do, you might find that the one person who gets in touch saying, “yeah, I'm free, let's do drinks” is the one person you don't want messaging you and is only in your Facebook because you can't be arsed with their reacting to you removing them. So what do you do? A friend of mine introduced me to the Custom tool last weekend. When you upload a status, instead of Friends Only, Public or Only Me, pick the Custom option. It looks like a little cog. You can then select the people you don't want to share the status with and it'll go out to the rest of your friends. Those you've excluded will be none the wiser.

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