Monday, 16 January 2017

Balls to Dry January

Gah, you've made it past the halfway mark. It's the 16th. That'll do. Let's get doing something this week.

Wednesday: Cool Bars are going to Tape Wednesdays at Ark, a student night that's open to anyone over 18. Nice venue and good RnB music. This week: The Prop Box Special. Get wacky! We're starting in the newly-extended Sugar Buddha next door.

Clashing with this is a trip to the refined and elegant Artisan, for their January 50% off deal. Socialising in the City are running this trip, and it's a fantastic offer to take advantage of. I've been and loved the food, so half price is well worth a look. I might run a similar event on Cool Bars.

I should have put more meetups up really as I'm on leave all week, but I've plenty to be getting on with. The only other actual event I've got in my calendar is idiot man-child President-elect Trump's inauguration on Friday at 4pm UK time, which I'll be watching purely because I suspect there may be at least one assassination attempt.

I've spotted more midweek events over the next month so get ready to book leave!

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