Sunday, 8 January 2017

What the hell did Alex Cox do to a cockatiel?!

Alex Cox, director of chaotically violent movies like Repo Man and Straight to Hell, may not be everyone's favourite film director. They're hardly kids' films, and aren't always the most loved (although both mentioned I thoroughly enjoyed. But, then, I loved Freddy Got Fingered, so disregard that). Violence and controversy may not, however, be restricted to the films he made- it sounds like these spill over into his private life too. Here's another Alex Cox, on Facebook, and presumably a singer.

There's a guy on twitter who's convinced I'm Alex Cox, the film director, despite him being (film director) Alex Cox's pal, and me being Alex Cox the-not-a-film-director. I don't have the heart to tell him, and his messages have been gradually getting more personal. The last one: "Hey Alex, listening to The Clash and remembering that time you, me and Joe Strummer went snorkeling (sic) in Puerto Rico. That poor cockatiel. LOL"

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