Sunday, 1 January 2017

NYE in Panacea

Friends were splintering away at New Year so I threw a few suggestions around and arranged a meetup to Panacea in Manchester, watering hole of many a model / boxer / show-off. I managed to get 2 girls to come with me (player, cough) to the Enchanted Ball, the new year event, and we met in the classy Epernay, which looks out over the Peter St area from it's first floor bar.

Parking in the city was horrendous, as was the queue to get into Panacea not long after.

Tickets came in the form of keys, which we needed to pick up prior to the event
Would you not ask people to line up?

We got there for 23:35, which admittedly is late for NYE but shit happens. Everyone was on the guestlist, so we all had to wait. We were in within 5 minutes, to the club's credit. Things weren't so swift when it came to the toilets and the bar- my friend visited both of these once we got in; together they took her an hour. The cloakroom was already full. The night was oversold, over capacity and overrated. There were a lot of girls in there that I would loved to have talked to, but they were mostly utterly hammered (and I don't fancy looking like a predator) or already talking to someone. There were, unfortunately, a number of rude people with limited manners.

But the club itself is nice, clean and smart and there were no fights. After a few hours the club started to die off, so at least it wasn't too warm. Plus the air con was on.

Every previous time I've been to Panacea it's been a great night. I enjoyed this one but I wasn't as lucky with the customers. Some of the guys were decent friendly people; a lot of the girls weren't. My own friends, whom I introduced, got on great which I was really pleased about.

It'll be a while before I go back, for a number of reasons. Pics from the night will be on their Facebook.

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CageFightingBlogger said...

Pics from the night I don't recognise anyone in this album. My mates aren't in it, I'm not, none of the people I remember being there are either. It's definitely the right night, but none of the people are familiar.