Wednesday, 4 January 2017

The Ticket That Exploded

Bizarro descriptions and fucked-up imagery
in the second instalment of the cut-up trilogy
Didn't understand, but this is what I noticed
trying to read The Ticket That Exploded
Something about soldiers, something about gays
depictions of hangings emerging out the haze
Bodysnatching agents ravaging the land...
How much of this was I supposed to understand?
Graphic, morbid and somewhat adventurous,
surrealist shock-porn and overly pretentious
Have you ever looked forward to reading a novel
only only to find your cerebrum is boggled?
Your eyes scan the page expecting a narrative
But what the text says isn't even comparative
Read the whole book although don't know what's expressed
Now feel obliged to read the Nova Express
Was hoping for art that was written on the page,
But subjecting myself to jibberish for days.

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