Monday, 2 January 2017

Fancy a Confidence Building Street Challenge?

If you're January is anything like mine, it's set to be a quiet one. I'm planning to stay in, read, and learn shorthand in the comfort of my warm lounge. That said, a quick look on Meetup has thrown up an interesting suggestion: Socially Awkward is a group that has been around a while now, and I've avoided joining as I was put off by the name.

Their latest-announced meetup sounds like an interesting event: a series of challenges that are designed to build confidence in an individual, in a group setting in Manchester. Approaching women is something that utterly scares the piss out of me, but when I do try it, on occasion, I have a fair bit of success. It's just making the move in the first place. This group might help me, and it might help you. It isn't all about the opposite sex- some of it appears to be about making a fool of yourself to get used to attention. They're starting in Ziferblat in the Northern Quarter, Edge St, 1pm Saturday.

And that will be the first week of my January. I'll be blogging about it on Sunday.

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