Sunday, 5 March 2017

Citizen Journalism, Week Three

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A couple of notable point this week. First, celeb gossip newsletter Popbitch used my joke.

I told my mate joke about Eskimos, but Inuit already.”

Moving swiftly on. I trawled Manchester looking for stories, events, happenings... most evenings I came back with very little. Half way through the week a meetup set for Friday night closed down- not just the event but the whole group- due to a venue cancelling on the organiser. I'm not sure the organiser totally understood how Meetup works, but whatever.

Anyway, I saw the opportunity to put up a meetup of my own, and Manchester Cool Bars headed to Panacea for the launch of Story, the new Friday weekly night. Fridays can be hit and miss in Manchester, especially when- like this weekend- it rains. But the club brought in a good crowd.

We started in Australasia on Deansgate. The bar formerly had a sister venue called Grand Pacific, but now the two units go by the same name and are connected by a subterranean walkway. Fantastic place for drinks and funky house music. It's also a good place to spot a celeb or two, or at least a lookalike. One woman there would pass for Susan Sarandon, but my mate assured me that the guy who looked like United's Mikhael Silvestre was definitely him.

We moved on to the club early just before the queue built up. There were more celeb lookalikes inside, including doubles of Shia LaBouf and Debbie Abrahams. I saw the team from Socialite, the Thursday night event in LIV, and Kendal O'Reilly, who won the Swimsuit competition I reported on last year. I got a kiss on the cheek from the latter. Well, go me. It got busier than I expected, with the rain being a factor, but inside the club the atmosphere was much better than out. Pics from the night will be here.

I have more events lined up for next week. Be part of them!

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