Sunday, 19 March 2017

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Manchester housing agency Homes4u syndicated my blog post about developments on Oxford Rd, giving me a nice wad of exposure. Thanks guys!

I talked Nando's with Katie Salmon from Love Island this week. See here.

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Saturday night: Manchester Cool Bars made our first trip to celeb joint Bijou. It was a strange night. At one point this week we had 15 RSVPs, and it looked to be a huge night. On the day- in fact, the evening of the event, about two thirds of the people in the list backed out. Bizarre.

We started in Deansgate bar The Botanist, where the queue was so long that the barman eventually gave me my pineapple juice for free. We got to Bijou for midnight, where I'm sure they had the radiators on full blast. There were about 4 women to every man, a ratio which possibly widened as the odd young lad here and there got thrown out. There were a few cocky attitudes from guys in there, but the girls seemed quite friendly. Most people in there were steaming, which says something when drinks are a tenner each.

The night had been touted as singer Ne-Yo's after party, but there was no sign of him.

The club has had a makeover since the last time I went in nearly two years ago, and at a first glance the dark panels and multitude of LED flashing lights seems arresting, but on close inspection we found that some of the panels on the wall were being held up by blu-tac. I wasn't drinking, but last time I was in there I was, and they had Aberlour behind the bar. It wasn't on the shelf last night. Facebook pics are here, even though we're not in it. I'm sure they took my picture as well.

Not the best of nights, but not the worst.

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