Tuesday, 14 March 2017

I Might not be Allowed Back into Panacea

She rolls out of the club drunk in an expensive dress and she's already arguing with some guy, who turns his back on her and gets into an executive car parked up outside the club. She's still babbling away when she slaps her hand down hard on the bonnet. Predictably, the guy gets out and gives her a firm shove to the floor... and then this happens.

Rewind. It's 10pm and we're late to Artisan- everyone's waiting, but never mind that. The group have found each other when we arrive, and it's still too early for the club so there's plenty of time for cocktails, of which this bar serves up some of the best.

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It's a good group and everyone's getting on, and the cocktails are going down a treat. We move on to Panacea a little after 12, and everyone gets in fine. My mate points out Funes Mori from Everton and rapper Stormzy, and I say hi to Charlotte Dawson from Ex on the Beach, makeup artist and daughter of late comedian Les, who nods back to me.

Great atmosphere in the club. Enjoying the night and the meetup's going well. Upon closing, things take a downward turn. It all kicks off, I film what I can, one guy spots this and points a doorman to me who bollocks me. It's time to get out of there before the people involved turn on me.

I might wait a few weeks before trying Panacea again, for obvious reasons. I've shown the video to the Manchester Evening News and they've talked to me about it, so it may end up on the site.

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CageFightingBlogger said...

Hey look, Magali Gorre from Real Housewives of Cheshire was there. https://twitter.com/magaligorre/status/841112721806491648