Monday, 13 March 2017

Racing to blog everything

I'm hella behind on blogging at the moment. I have loads to tell you.

Manchester's Kettlebell Kitchen has updated their rewards scheme- the stamp cards have now been replaced with an app available on iPhones and Android... but not Windows. Fuck. I don't blame them, to be honest. Who has Windows phones other than idiots like me?

Manchester Creatives Network met on Tuesday night, in Northern Quarter bar Kosmonaut. Good meetup attended by freelance website designers, clothes shop owners, IT specialists and some guy who claimed his uncle was a guitarist for the Stone Roses.

One attendee pointed me in the direction of Noble Samurai, a site designed to find key words that people are searching for but aren't being covered online. Sounds great, but looks like there is a cost to most of the site's functions.

Kosmonaut offers free Wi-Fi and great Swedish whisky. Keep your eyes peeled for Mackmyra. Good meetup.

Peter Street: It looks like the shell of Bar 38 is finally being renovated, with a new door that opens straight onto the street and a complete design overhaul. I had a wonder around on Saturday and took these:

I then headed onto Market Street. You can normally see street entertainers there showing off what could debatably be called 'talent.' There should be no question with this dude though.

And then, there's Darth Vader playing a merry little ditty on the electric keyboard.

Well, wouldn't you get sick of the Imperial March after a while?

I've just finished reading Ecstasy by Irvine Welsh, a manic and somewhat disjointed tale of drug use, affairs, a novelist who loses the plot in more ways than one and a stomach-churning revenge-love story revolving around a girl with a thalidomide-type condition. I enjoyed it but felt there was a bit of an issue with the simple characters over-expressing themselves- 'writer voice' coming through. Well worth a read, though. I'm whipping through a load of short books at the moment, novels I can throw in my bag and read on my way in and out of the city, where I'm finding all this info. It's working pretty well for me.

Loads more info to come, one day at a time.

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