Sunday, 13 August 2017

A few things to report this week:

Subscribers of gossip email Popbitch will be aware that the writers of said outlet are very keep to find the views of celebrities from all areas of the media. Views, in particular, on one theoretical question: who would win in a fight between a baboon and a badger?

Well, Love Island's Chloe Crowhurst I can confirm is team baboon. 

In other vitally important media affairs, does anyone watch Smallville? Me neither, but Uldouz Wallace, who plays Carmen Miranda in the Superman tie-in show, follows me on Twitter. She obviously has great taste.

I also got an RT and Favourite from house music producer Rui Da Silva.

If you don't get it, listen to this:

Another naughties music legend: The Artful Dodger's Mark Hill gave me a follow. Woman Trouble and Moving Too Fast were major songs when I was 18. Loved them. Big up!

Later on the blog: a new bar, a new club, a controversial boxer and a tattoo convention.

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