Saturday, 5 August 2017

Omninotes: for your note taking needs

As mentioned last week I needed a new note taking system for Android that allowed me to keep records, lists, and multimedia in the same place. I seem to have found this in Omninotes, a free app designed by Federico Iosue.

I find that prompts are helpful when they come in different formats- sometimes text, sometimes pictures sometimes video, sometimes sound. OmniNotes allows you to incorporate all or any of these into the same note, And then categorise them with a coloured tab so you can distinguish them.

Notes can be ordered in a number of ways. 'Last modification date' is the setting I've chosen. This means when you add a new note, this is moved to the top of the pile, as in ColorNotes (sadly lacking in OneNote). Also if you update an older note, the same happens (Also like ColorNotes and not OneNote). Other options are 'Title,' 'Creation date' and 'Reminder date.' If you lose track of something in your notes, there is a text search function. There's also a speech search function, but I haven't got this to work yet.

I've been dabbling with this for the last few days, but I have yet to put it to any serious tests to see how it fares when memory difficulties become an issue. I've also not tested it at any events, times when I would be collecting notes and multimedia that I would subsequently be using to create a blog post. (I'm going to new Manchester club History tonight and you can come too.)

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