Sunday, 6 August 2017

Bring ID Out With You, FFS

You might not be a teenager any more, and you may not have been asked to prove your age for a decade or so now when you hit the bars and clubs. But there's a reason you need to bring photo ID out with you EVERY time you go out. EVERY FUCKING TIME.

Manchester is a city like many others. There are a lot of good, well-intentioned people who can go out and enjoy themselves, and behave themselves. There are also a lot of utter tools trying to prove themselves and getting themselves into trouble. We are in the former.

The staff at any licensed venue don't know this, though, so they indiscriminately ID EVERYONE that come through their doors- this includes The Milton Club, The Birdcage, Genting Casino, LIV, Tiger Tiger and a raft of others that I can't think of right now. All of these are places that Manchester Cool Bars visit on our organised nights out.

To this list we can also add History, the new venue on Longworth St behind Milton Club. I tried to go here last night with the Cool Bars group. As you can see, I wrote that ID would be essential.

Typically, attendees didn't actually scroll to the bottom of the text to read it all, and didn't bring said ID. So we went to Be At One instead. It was full of kids and played shit pop music, but they gave us free bottles of water on the way out.

Oh, one other thing, Chet Johnson from Ex on the Beach follows me on Twitter. Please contain your jealousy.

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