Monday, 18 March 2013

Bad Attitude from Venus Staff

Manchester club Venus is flying the flag for house music in the city. It’s incredibly popular with fans of the genre and seems to be packing out every weekend- unsurprisingly as many former house music venues have now changed their music policy.

Unfortunately their monopoly seems to have gone to their heads. I went on Saturday with a couple of friends and the check-in girl charged me more than the 2 girls I was with. I politely asked why this was.

Do you have a membership card?” she asked.

I didn’t.

Right, well,” she snapped. “Shut up then.”

This isn’t appropriate. My friends and I pay a lot of money to come to the club, and we behave ourselves when we’re there. I’ve asked the club over Facebook about this incident, but 24 hours later there’s been no response.

If you work in an expensive venue, I’d advise you not to let it go to your head. Social media can be a powerful and damning tool.

Otherwise, it was a really good night…

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