Friday, 1 March 2013

Year of Making Love: 4

I was on TV for ANOTHER 1 second last Monday, in BBC3's matchmaking / cringemaking extraordinaire. I was stood behind the subject of the episode, Joe, just before we were called onstage. It was a really entertaining show.

In the programme's introduction, however, the narrator tells us that “more couples joined the experiment in the weeks that followed”. This speaks volumes. Why did more people join in? Did they miss the advert for contributors? It's possible. Or is it more likely that the majority of people that “science” matched up just weren't that into each other and the producers needed more subjects to follow? Because that sure seems to be a recurring theme in the show! Most of the subjects split up as the months went on. Some lasted for a few months, others didn't hit it off at all. The latter was definitely my situation!

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