Sunday, 31 March 2013

Three Strikes: Week 18

These blogs are getting a little desperate now. I'm locked into a routine of blogging about achievements, yet this week I haven't “achieved” much per se- I've seen friends, I've fixed a software problem on my computer, I've enjoyed some Annual Leave and have watched a LOT of films, and in a reasonably successful attempt to combat insomnia, I've done quite a lot of reading.

Meanwhile, at the gym, my 10 minute run is up 3 speeds. The first of these runs was incredibly hard after running the 5K Park Run in Barking, London, a few days prior. Blog to come. 

I don't know whether this is an achievement as such, but I now weigh 70kg, which is the heaviest I've EVER been. Question: fat or muscle? Answer? Possibly both. I'm running faster than I've ever ran before and I'm lifting more than I've ever lifted, so I must be getting stronger. I must also be burning a lot of fat with the running, so is the weight purely muscle from the protein shakes? Or are the shakes making me fat? I don't look fat.

The shakes will be a factor for sure. The other factor will be the speed of running- the faster I run, the more calories I burn.

Or it could be that the flapjack I'm binging on to keep me off chocolate actually has more calories than chocolate itself. Fail. I might eat more fruit and stay off the other two, and see if I tone up.

Here's to more gym smashing!

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