Saturday, 30 March 2013

The Hangar

Try this writing exercise at your group.

Open a dictionary on a random page.

Ask your group to shout a number between one and twenty. Count the words down from the top of that page and stop at the chosen number. That word is your prompt for a fifteen-minute writing exercise.

Here's our word, and my piece:


On the border of Surrey
there's an aircraft hangar
where underneath is buried
all the causes of anger
blueprints of construction
that were hidden from danger
he'll have to retrieve them
if he's going to frame her
so he pulls in a team
who he knows is dependable
and brave and tough,
but ultimately expendable
they enter the base
under the cover of night
and dispatch the guards
one smothered, one knifed,
they drill through the doors
and spray black on the lenses
to damage the compound
and smash their defences,
and find their way in
to the cavernous tomb
and the unoccupied space
says something's happening soon...

It cannot be denied that I had no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this, which is why there's zero pay-off by the time the bell rang on the exercise. You might make something a bit more fruitful (i.e. generally better) than I did.

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