Sunday, 10 March 2013

Three Strikes: Week 15

Massive improvements this week.

Abs machine, 50 reps with 3 additional discs: up 1 notch
10 minute run: up 5 speeds. I'm amazed at how fast I'm running at the moment.
Cable crunch with the rope handle: up 1 notch.
Prediction: within a month, I'll have the kind of abs I had before I moved out of my parents in 2010 and ate rubbish for weeks on end.

The fact that I'm getting 7 personal bests in a week shows that the Magnum protein shake, which I've been taking for nearly a month now, is working. A GP once told me that protein shakes are a waste of money. Clearly, they're not. But then, that GP told me a LOT of things. I once spent £40 on 4 pills, that I had absolutely no need for, under his advice. Lesson: don't believe everything you're told.

Due partly to cracking through the Hairy Dieters cookbook, I'm eating better, toning up at the gym and feeling pretty fucking positive, it must be said.

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