Saturday, 2 March 2013

Does Reading Cure Insomnia?

Slip into silent slumber
sail on a silver mist
slowly but surely your senses will cease to resist
-Kaa, The Jungle Book

Due to a ridiculous bout of insomnia, I went to see Fluffy Oakes in hope of further advice. I’ve now been prescribed a course of Zopiclone, a hard, knockout drug. I’ve been warned- don’t take it unless you absolutely need to. Further advice- no computer 2 hours before bed. The glare of the screen can delay sleep.

As a gym and blogging addict, this is a slight conundrum. I get out of work at 5, hit the gym for 45 minutes straight from work, and head home. By the time I get home it’s usually 7, meaning I will now get 2 hours to cook and eat tea and write before the 2-hour stop-gap begins. I go to bed at 11 normally, but this will have to change to save my sanity.

If I go to bed at 9, I can give myself a chance to read. According to Fluffy, reading from a book, lit by a lamp, can steady the mind and allow it to prepare for the act of sleep. My “normal” sleeping pattern (if we can call it that) allowed me to drift off at 11pm. If I aim to get back to this, it means a possible 2 hours of reading before there’s the slightest chance I’ll fall asleep. Or, it might come early in one massive lump and I could be sleeping for 12 hours WITHOUT the aid of Zopiclone. If this technique DOESN’T work, then it’s pill time again.

Essentially, if I'm IN bed, there'll be less chance of me getting up and going to the computer, thus keeping myself awake.

So. There’s another monthly challenge here. Lots of early nights. No alcohol (in accordance with the instructions on the pills). Lots of reading. Along with a plentiful supply of book reviews, expect to find out if any of this really works right here on the blog. Either way, I MUST sleep.

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