Sunday, 22 March 2015

A Couple of Social Media Points...

Twitter now shows you your tweet activity. Visible only to you, your tweets now contain a graph symbol next to the Reply, Retweet and Favourite icons. This symbol displays how many times your tweet has been read, and- if appropriate- how many link clicks have been made. I'll find it handy for Twitter blogging experiments. Most people, suffice to say, will not be as arsed.

Moving swiftly on...

In an attempt to expand social circles and to not stay in, I've been hammering social media site It's a place to find groups local to you by inputting your postcode. Results will appear in proximity order, offering meetups themed around anything from mainstream ideas like dating, restaurants, art, music and walking, through to the more niche interests such as gothic, coding, gay men's cinema and post-apocalyptic books.

Myself, I've joined the groups for bars and clubs: Manchester Posh Bars and Cool Clubs20s and Early 30s in Manchester, and a few others I've not attended yet. I've met loads of people and had some decent nights out over the last 6 months due to this site.

It's a good site that has expanded massively over the last year. Similar to Facebook, Meetup allows you to set up a profile and join groups for free, and to leave comments on events and send messages to other users, but charges £10 a month once you've set up a group. The only problem I've had with it is that your notifications frequently appear as unread even when you've read them. Weird.

Find your people on Meetup.

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