Saturday, 14 March 2015

Chinese-style Chicken and Sweetcorn Soup

My kitchen is steadily filling up with random implements that I'd never thought of buying when I first moved in. I've recently bought a ladle for soup dishes such as this one, and I'll also need to buy a tablespoon. It's not a large kitchen.

Anyway. I made this soup with my soup maker yesterday, from the manufacturer's cookbook.

Other problems: Tesco were out of stock of water chestnuts, whatever the hell they are, and my jug was too small for 750ml of stock. The recipe required the creation of a paste which jumped from too thick to too thin with a tiny drop of water. Micing this turned it too thick again, which made it hard to “evenly distribute” over the other ingredients. Also, I didn't read the instructions through before starting. Don't assume the author has completely forgotten the spring onions and just dump them in the soup maker. They're for adding after cooking. Oops.

It was a good substantial soup though.

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