Monday, 16 March 2015

Easy Crispy Chicken for Mother's Day

I thought Mothering Sunday would be as good a reason as any to open the cookbook, get something made and invite the people who themselves made me. Hence, I found this recipe in The Hairy Dieters and gave it a shot.

Once again, I should remind myself to read the instructions before diving in and slamming the bread in the food processor before toasting, it as was advised. Duh. So I did that again. My blender had to double as a food processor- I had to physically pick up the device and shake it so that the chunks of bread hit the blades. It worked out in the end.

I need to buy a tablespoon.

I set up a processing-line-style system in the kitchen where I could dip the breast portions into the flour, then the yoghurt, then the cheese-and-crumb mix. I put the portions in to roast, boiled a few potatoes and laid out some salad.

The parents came around just in time and it went down a treat!

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