Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Anti-Tesco Reduced Isle Challenge

I basically need to stop being a tight bastard. If I walk into a shop and I see something cut from £1 to 20p, I want it, regardless of how much salt is in it. It's value, and saves me money. As long as it doesn't have mushrooms or broccoli in, I'll probably eat it.

Hence, the reduced-to-clear aisle in Tesco is somewhat of a minefield. A “Big Night In” rogan josh microwave meal would normally never interest me, but if it's down from £3 to £1.15, I wouldn't turn my nose up. (Well, not until I'd eaten two thirds of it, then literally I might with watering eyes.)

But at what cost? At the cost of seeing my body weight escalate above 77kg, that's what. And considering I was 60kg when I was 18, and about 66kg when I moved out at 28, that's quite a setback. If I fell out of shape in my younger day, I'd lose weight and look malnourished. Now, I'm starting to look like a 33-year-old lump.

I've got a holiday coming up in May. I'm planning to tone up for this, and to do so I need to stop eating reduced products- even the compulsively-tasty yoghurts. Instead: fresh meat and veg, home-made pizzas, meals from recipes. This starts today. In a month's time I'll see if my weight has come down. I'll also see if I've beaten any PBs at the gym.

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